Vitor Alves

Vitor Alves

We believe that the quality we offer to our costumers is an aspect that have been projecting our business, leaving us very positive about our future achievements.
Antonio Novo

Antonio Novo

When the love for the product is so immense and the close contact with the costumers is part of our daily life, times goes by, the opportunities come up and almost without noticing a project arises and with it a passion that becomes so natural.

About Crafil

Dedicated people. Deep passion. Quality products.

Crafil started in 2004 in Riba de Ave, dedicating their business to the industrial sewing threads supply. Starting with a deep passion for the product, a strong will in making it go across the globe and a great desire to explore new ideas and techniques, the company grew in the 10 years that followed bringing a creative response to a very competitive and demanding market.
For being considered by many as a material that is “alive”, reacting differently to different processes, denim was since the beggining a big point of interest and a big passion. Exploring all its advantages and characteristics and how to adapt and find solutions for them, the company decided to invest in sharing these experiences. “House of Denim” in Amsterdam was one of the places where Crafil appealed for sensitivity of teachers and students regarding the specifications of the threads, their multiple characteristics and their infinite creative capacities.
The personalized service, the quality and the direct contact with the customer are essential points for the company, what made it grow, adapt and continue the work that have been done so passionately.
Today, with ten years of history and 17 employees, Crafil is part of a generation of companies that still believe in the future of the textile industry in Portugal, result of a young and energetic mentality that wants to leave a footprint in the world.


CRAFIL, LDA. With the aim to fulfill the requirements and customer satisfaction, considers fundamental to implement and maintain a Quality Management System in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001: 2015. Providing the necessary resources to develop the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes and communication management with all stakeholders, fundamental to the continuous improvement of the organization's performance.

In order to achieve the poposed objectives, we comply with the following guidelines:
1. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
2. Continuous Improvement of Processes
3. Motivation and Valorization of Human Resources

CRAFIL, LDA. Expects all employees a total commitment to the continuous satisfaction of our costumers, providing all the support, in order to guarantee an environment of growth and confidence.